Case Study: Good Hair Days Salon

Background: Good Hair Days is a hair salon that needed to bring new clients into their new location but didn’t know how. They set up a Google Adwords campaign but needed help getting off the ground. That’s when they contacted Relativity PPC.

The Challenge: The client had a great service and strong ambition but did not have the customer base they needed.


  • Develop and grow strong online presence in their local community
  • Create brand awareness
  • Grow their business
  • Establish a customer base
  • To measure the return on their advertising investment
  • To adapt their advertising to seasonal trends
  • Define, find and engage target audience


  • Develop a strategic search engine marketing plan with actionable roadmap
  • Strong market research and an overhaul of existing paid search strategies
  • Targeted ads to show within a specific geographic radius
  • Used phone numbers and coupons to track client sources
  • Moved most of their advertising budget online

What We Achieved:

  • Grew their business by 425% in one year
  • Reduced their customer acquisition cost
  • Now welcome 55 new clients per month
  • Opened up 2 new locations in Houston and Las Vegas

Relativity PPC’s search engine marketing campaign was a huge success for Good Hair Days. They achieved and maintained a staggering ROI with only a slight increase in spend. Due to the success and consistent ad placement, they were able to expand their business to multiple locations.

“During our slower months, we show our ads within a 50-mile radius to reach more people. When business picks up in the winter, we only show our ads within a 20-mile radius. The more precisely we target, the more our clickthrough rate increases.” – Franky Brady, owner, Florida Hair Extensions


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