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75 Google AdWords Scripts You Should Try

75 Google AdWords Scripts You Should Try

Managing Google AdWords can be much easier through the use of special scripts that automate certain tasks for you and help optimize your setup’s performance. If you have any kind of coding experience whatsoever, you can probably learn how to write your own scripts using Google’s own tools. If not though, there are tons of free scripts out there that can help take your AdWords game to the next level. Here are 75 of the best scripts out there today. Enjoy!


  1. Quality Score Tracker Script

The AdWords Quality Score assesses the relevancy of keywords within your account. By optimizing this score, you can decrease the cost per click of your ads. This script will graph your score out in an easy-to-see format and track your score for you, which is oddly not provided in the base toolset.


  1. Pause Keywords with Zero Impressions

This script will shut down all keywords that don’t generate any impressions. You can adjust how often it runs.


  1. Broken URL Script

Broken URLs happen, and this script will find them automatically so you can correct them.


  1. Performance Anomalies

This script will track down anomalous data and outliers that deviate from your expectations.


  1. Auction Insights

Auction Insights script pulls data from Auction Insights so that it can be analyzed along with your AdWords data.


  1. 24 Hour Bidding Schedule

Adjust your bids 24 times a day with this script by BrainLabs.


  1. Set and Suggest Mobile Bid Modifiers

Set a minimum and maximum bid adjustment at the campaign or ad group level.


  1. Pause Ads With Low CTR

It pauses the lowest CTR ad in each ad group.


  1. Pause Ad Groups with No Active Keywords

Ad groups with no active keywords are automatically paused.


  1. Pause Keywords with Low Quality Score

Checking over 30 days, keywords with a score 5 or under are paused.


  1. Remove Under-performing Ads

This script performs a monthly clean-up and suggests ads to remove.


  1. Stock Market Performance

Adjust your bids based on stock market performance.


  1. Bid By Weather

Apply bid modifiers based on the weather.


  1. Multi Bidder

Keep track of all your rules in a Google Spreadsheet.


  1. Bid Testing

This script tests bids and records results in a spreadsheet.


  1. Flexible Budgets

Decipher your budget settings on a daily basis. Schedule day to day.


  1. Increase Bids on Cheap Conversion Keywords

Set a bid adjustment percentage for cheap conversion keywords.


  1. Account Anomaly Detector

If strange things are happening in your account, you will receive an email.


  1. Zero Impressions Alarm

You will receive an alert when your ads receive zero impressions.


  1. Make Calls and Send Text Messages

Enables sending text messages via Twilio about your account.


  1. Ad Customizer

Fetch live data and dynamically insert it into your ads.


  1. Sale Countdown

Calculate hours remaining in a promotion and put it into the ad text.


  1. Competitor Tracking Script

Map your competitors’ data over time. This is useful for large accounts.


  1. Split Test Anything Script

Get around AdWords testing limitations and test just about anything.


  1. 24 Hour Heat Map


See how your performance changes hour by hour with this color-coded heat map.


  1. Account Summary Report

Show entire account performance in a spreadsheet.


  1. Keyword Performance Report

Graph out keyword performance in a spreadsheet.


  1. Mobile PageSpeed

This script provides suggestions to improve mobile landing pages.


  1. Daily Metrics Export

Keep track of historical data in a spreadsheet.


  1. Monthly Projections

Keep track of month-to-month data.


  1. Account Audit Checklist

Runs a battery of checks and suggests enhancements to your account.


  1. Automating Maintenance Tasks Part 1

This script handles keywords that convert too expensively.


  1. Update Your Keywords For The Holiday Season

Update your keywords automatically for the holidays (and change them back).


  1. Update Ads For The New Year

Updates with new ad text on January 1st.


  1. Label Keywords With Organic Rank Data

Fill out organic keyword positions in a spreadsheet then this script will match that to your PPC account.


  1. Merge Labels From Multiple Campaigns

Copy labels from old campaigns to new ones.


  1. Labels For When New Ads, Ad Groups, Keywords, or Campaigns Were Created

Track effectiveness of each ad group, ad, keyword, etc. by labeling when they receive their first impression.


  1. AdWords Dashboard By Label

Label campaigns in bulk.


  1. Label Countdown For Ignoring New Elements

Label keywords recently added to your account.


  1. Account Labels

Bulk label certain campaigns.


  1. MCC Script Dashboard

Compare data from yesterday to the day before to the same day last week.


  1. Track AdWords Script Runs With Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track all your script runs.


  1. Track Campaigns By CPA

Track CPAs of your keywords.


  1. Auto Add Track Parameters If Not There

State parameters to add if missing from campaigns.


  1. Fixing Capitalization Errors In Your Ads

Fixes capitalization errors in your ad text.


  1. Manage Your AdWords Creatives Using Excel

Manage your account with Excel instead of Google’s spreadsheets.


  1. Ad Creative Test Automation Script

Tracks when an ad creative test starts. Choose the best performing ad.


  1. Copy Existing AdWords Ads With A New Destination URL

Save time and switch ads over quickly.


  1. Feed Your Inventory Count Into AdWords Ads

Use WooCommerce to disable ads for OOS products.


  1. Automated Creative Testing With Statistical Significance

Notifies you via email when certain metrics hit statistical significance.


  1. Keywords

Contains many features for managing keywords.


  1. Master Negative List

Create a master negative list to share across accounts.


  1. Reverse ‘Close Variant Matching’

Reverse the close variant matching of your keywords.


  1. Search Query Opportunities

Analyzes your search query report to work out keyword performances.


  1. Use Google Drive To Load A Single AdWords Script Into Multiple Accounts

Control your scripts with a Google spreadsheet.


  1. Making Sure The Date/Time Zone Is Correct

Verifies the time and time zone for turning ads on or off at a specific time.


  1. Using Google Feed API To Convert RSS to JSON

Convert RSS XML script to JSON.


  1. Merge Multiple Campaigns Together

Pause old campaigns and copy to one big campaign.


  1. Shopping Campaigns

Manage campaigns with a script instead of within the AdWords interface.


  1. Shopping Content

Manage several parts of products within an ad campaign.


  1. Google Display Network

Manage your Google Display Network campaigns with scripts.


  1. Reviews GDN Placements

Identifies under-performing GDN placements.


  1. Building Entity Deep Links With AdWords Scripts

Builds deep links to an entity with issues to identify problems.


  1. AdWords Scripts Taking Advantage of Google Prediction API

Use Google’s Prediction API to gain insight into your PPC data.


  1. Campaign and Keyword Performance Reporting

Generates reports on campaign and keyword performance.


  1. Declining Ad Groups Report

Generates a report on ad groups that are declining in performance.


  1. Daily Alerts

Sends daily alerts about performance.


  1. Ad Copy Test Alert

Compares the CTR of two ads with many impressions to choose the best.


  1. Campaigns Over CPA

This script sends an alert when your campaigns reach target CPA.


  1. Ad Parameterizer

Inserts data into your ad parameters.


  1. Dynamically Adjust Campaign Budgets

Set a budget and pause ads automatically when it’s used up.


  1. Update Your Bids From A Google Spreadsheet

Update your bids on a large scale from a spreadsheet.


  1. Pull Salesforce Data Into AdWords Using Scripts

Connect your Salesforce CRM to report salesflow.


  1. Calculate and Set Mobile Bid Modifiers

This script checks ROAS/PPC performance between mobile and desktop devices and suggests bid modifiers.


  1. Delete All Disapproved Ads In An Account

This script enables the removal of disapproved ads in bulk.



If you have others you would like to share and add to our list, please feel free to email us – cody@relativityseo.com