No matter what service your business is seeking, we aim to provide value to clients with benefits such as quick-to-market flexible solutions, high quality work, cutting edge technology expertise, and a full service portfolio. Satisfied clientele bare testimony to our belief in high quality work and reliability at competitive costs

No matter what service your business is seeking, we aim to provide value to clients with benefits such as quick-to-market flexible solutions, high quality work, cutting edge technology expertise, and a full service portfolio. Satisfied clientele bare testimony to our belief in high quality work and reliability at competitive costs.Read how we were able to take this new business and make them a leading brand in their industry with an increase of sales by 5,350%

Penguin Marketing
– launched to address the public records needs of people living in North America. They provide essential data and records for people and businesses throughout the United States. These services help companies protect themselves through identification methods and background checks; help consumers validate businesses and acquaintances; and help people protect themselves and their families with services ranging from vehicle history reports, property records and background checks to birth and death records.Read how we took this struggling data company and turned it into a national juggernaut. had an increase of 4,188% with 188,500 organic visitors per month after 5 months.

Cogniflex a powerful brain boosting supplement, also known as a nootropic or nutraceutical, designed to improve cognitive function, memory, energy, focus and boost brain power. With our help on SEO and Paid Search, Cogniflex was able to dominate search results in top positions while achieving a 351% increase in sales revenue quickly.See how we were able to do this AND boost organic visitors to over 6,700 in just 3 months went from no visitors to 6,700 in just 3 months with our help,that’s an increase of 6,700%

International Poster Gallery – a fine art gallery with over 10,000 original vintage posters from all over the world. Featuring a search engine that allows users and collectors to find beautiful, well-designed posters from artists the world over. See how we were able to target the correct audience, educate them and get a 211% increase in sales revenue over the first month of working with them had over 200% increase in revenue in just 1 month when starting with us.That was the first month!

Brav – a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and ending bullying. They are also a resource for those who want to educate themselves on the many forms of bullying and harassment as well as how to stop it and ways to empower those who have to deal with it.See how we were selected to help this Google Grant recipient spread the message to stop bullying and increase their traffic by 3,500% in the first month!

America’s Press: On-demand Book Printing – on-demand book printer in Texas who provides book printing services nationwide. Their services reach every type of customer from medium sized publishing companies to self-published authors. They offer services such as bounding paperback books, hardback case bounding, publishing, self-publishing, saddle stitch bounding, plasti-coil books, printing, photo books, funeral programs, brochures and everything in between.Read how we increase leads in top US markets without raising the marketing budget. doubled their conversions from 17 to 34 in 2 months’

Good Hair Days Salon – a hair salon that needed to bring new clients into their new location but didn’t know how. They set up a Google Adwords campaign but needed help getting off the ground. That’s when they contacted Relativity PPC for help.Read how we increased their business by 425% year after year.

Happy Hound Daycare – a dog daycare and boarding facility whose mission was to get their new business off the ground quickly and use Google AdWords to get the word out about their unique services and locations. Read how we were able to quickly increase their client base to 40+ new clients per month as they now get 90% of their business online.

Menlo Innovations – an innovative software development company that was great with developing useful tools and IT solutions but didn’t know how to market their services. While their services were innovative and helpful, they had trouble targeting the correct audience or figuring out the best approach to marketing their company nationally.See how we were able to help them achieve 22 times their return on investment.

Cornerstone Auto Glass – an auto glass company in business since 1999 helping people in their local community with windshield repairs and replacements needed to expand their operations to nearby cities in the Tampa Bay, FL area.Read how we were able to increase their return on investment by 1,105%.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis Water Park – an indoor and outdoor water park in West Berlin, NJ that is open year-round. They cater to children as well as teens and even adults with services for each age group. While they are a desirable place to relax and have fun, even during the winter time, they did not have the recognition locally that they needed.See how we were able to increase their traffic 553% and increase sales 731% quickly.

Access Lock & Security Locksmith – a locksmith company that was searching for ways to increase their customer base while showcasing their 24/7 locksmith services in nearby communities. They had tried print media with minimal success and needed a steady platform to advertise their availability and quality services. Learn how we were able to bring this company to #1 position on Google with an increase of 415% in business each month.

Mercedes Medical – a medical equipment and laboratory supplies distributor throughout the US. They specialize in supplying clinics, labs, doctor offices and hospitals with important histology equipment and medical supplies from rubber gloves and beakers to large cryostats and machinery used to test blood. See how, with our help, Mercedes Medical was able to expand their reach and customer base from local customers to a much larger national audience, thus increasing their sales by 110%.

HID Country – HID Country is a purveyor of automobile lighting kits known as HID Kits or HID headlight kits as well as high-end flashlights with a global market.Learn how our two-fold approach repaired their broken paid search campaign and increased their sales and traffic 77%.

Lending Tree is a web-based company that operates as a free, no-obligation service with an online lending marketplace that facilitates matching borrowers and lenders. has interactive tools to provide access to lenders who offer mortgages and resonance loans, home equity loans/lines of credit, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, as well as student loans and commercial lending products. With a powerful suite of tools and personalized advice Lending Tree can help consumers budget their money, get out of debt, and boost savings.


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